Another hurried pre-release I'm afraid!  Since the general concensus of opinion is that DuoToner should be a separate program in its own right, rather than a companion to CMYKTool, here's a first cut.  (Note: since DuoToner has a fair number of strings in common with CMYKTool, I've included CMYKTool's translation files in this pre-release, which gives at least a partial translation of the setup dialog.  Knowing how dedicated the translators are, I'm sure it won't be long before more complete translations are available!)

Compared with the version that appeared in the last CMYKTool prerelease, there are a couple of bug fixes to profile directory scanning, and the Win32 release also includes a couple of bundled profiles from the openicc-data package.

DownloadSource code - .tar.gz

DownloadWindows Binary - .zip

Please note: the Windows build requires an existing GTK+ installation - the easiest way to get this is to install InkScape or Gimp 2.6.

Notable changes this time include:

  • DuoToner is now released as a project in their own right.
  • Now bundles a couple of colour profiles from the OpenICC-data package.

Future plans include:

  • More control over the duotone separation, the ability to widen or narrow the range of hues which become the colour channel.