CamCardSync - a tool for copying photos from a camera cardScreenshot

CamCardSync is an unglamorous but nonetheless important part of my photography workflow.

I couldn't find a tool that suited my way of working, so set about writing my own.

The problems I set out to solve were these:

  • My camera has a 2GB card and thus will frequently contain photographs spanning several weeks, or even months.
  • Keeping track of which photos have been copied onto the computer and which haven't isn't easy!
  • For speed and efficiency, I don't want to have to view the images, even in thumbnail form, to figure out which ones need copying.
  • I would like my photos copied into a folder grouped neatly and conveniently by date.
  • From there I will go through them, editing and printing some, deleting others.
  • Having deleted images I don't want them to be copied again the next time I sync the camera card!

CamCardSync fulfils these goals for me, and I share it here in the hope that others might find it useful too.

When it's run, it will scan the media searching for image files, and group them by date.  The user will then be presented with a list of dates with a checkbox beside each one, and a summary of the number of files, and the total size to be copied.

Normally the user will just be able to press "OK" to start the copying operation - CamCardSync will attempt to work out which sessions have been copied and which havent - though of course the user can override the defaults by checking or unchecking specific dates.


CamCardSync 0.1.1 Released


DownloadSource code - tar.gz

Highlights for 0.1.1:

  • Is now smarter about which "sessions" are checkmarked by default:
    • If a target directory for the given date doesn't already exist, the session will be checkmarked.
    • If a target directory already exists, but none of the files in the session already exists, the session will be checkmarked.
    • If the target directory already exists and some or all of the files already exist, the session will not be checkmarked.
  • Added an exclusion list.  Allows the user to specify a list of folder names which will be ignored when building the list of files.  Useful if you wish to set the CamCardSync source directory to /media but exclude CD rom drives, etc.


CamCardSync 0.1.1 Released