CMYKTool 0.1.5-rc1


At long last, a release candidate for CMYKTool 0.1.5.  Apart from a few bug fixes, there are just a handful of significant new features.

  • Firstly, greyscale images are now better supported, and an embedded greyscale profile will no longer cause an error.
  • Secondly, images can now be dithered when saving in 8-bit formats.  This can help if you have an image with very smooth gradients that end up visibly contoured once the image is saved.  (But note that it won't help get rid of contouring in the original image!)
  • The Win32 build now bundles a couple of CMYK profiles from the openicc-data package, which can be found here.

Assuming no show-stopping bugs crop up in the meantime, I hope I'll be able to make a final release of 0.1.5 soon.

There are a few new strings, a couple to do with the output dithering, and a couple of new error messages.  Updated translations gratefully received, as always, and I shall make sure they make it into the final release.

DownloadSource code - .tar.gz

DownloadWindows Binary - .zip

Please note: the Windows build requires an existing GTK+ installation - the easiest way to get this is to install either Inkscape or GIMP version 2.6 or earlier.