Another Redesign?

Web design and construction is one area I've never really spent much time exploring - so in the process of setting up this website I've taken the opportunity to learn about dynamic websites, content management systems and CSS.


For the first few weeks of its life, this site has been powered by Joomla.  While it's been interesting to play with and has a couple of nice templates, Joomla is serious overkill for a site as simple as this one!  Also, being database driven, it's a little on the slow side on my shared hosting.

I'm also keen to ensure the bandwidth is used for its intended purpose - distributing imaging software - and not in serving up needlessly bulky pages.  In the past six weeks, this fledgeling website has served 623MB of data.  82MB of that has been Javascript, and another 37MB has been CSS!

Since I wanted to learn about CSS anyway, I've set about re-implementing the look of the site (with my own customizations) using PHP and CSS, dispensing with the database backend, and having the site operate on a largely static basis.  The result should be *much* faster, and easier for me to maintain.

The site is powered by a PHP script which builds static index pages from a directory tree of articles.  These are written and edited using TinyMCE - with which I'm very impressed!