PhotoPrint 0.4.0-pre5 Released

New features at last!  It is now possible to specify the "cell" size in terms of physical units instead of just the number of rows and columns.  It's also possible to set the cell size to the natural size of a specific image.

The other big news for this version is that the ignored-left-and-top-margin issue in Manual layout mode is now fixed.

Thanks to everyone who's reported bugs, submitted fixes or suggested improvements!

DownloadSource code - tar.gz

Changes since 0.3.9:

  • Fixed a bug which caused the Custom Command and File print queues to be repeated when there were no CUPS queues detected.
  • Hopefully fixed yet another crash-upon-start-with-no-preset bug - and the random page-size behaviour if the default queue is a PostScript queue.
  • Added some error messages if the user attempts to choose a proofing mode without the requisite colour profiles set up.
  • Moved non-PhotoPrint-specific Gutenprint infrastructure out to separate gp_cppsupport library.
  • ProfileSelector now catches and ignores corrupt profiles
  • Fixed a possible segfault if source and destination profiles are the same
  • Fixed a segfault if the user attemps to open the Image -> Set Colour Profile... dialog with no images selected.
  • Fixed another possible segfault with default PPD file.
  • More changes to the Mask routines - hopefully finally got the confusion between min-is-white Greyscale and min-is-white RGB images fixed.
  • Updated Russian translation, with thanks to Alexandre Prokoudine.
  • Added ability to specify cell size for n-up layout
  • Added button to set the cell size to the natural size of the currently selected image
  • Fixed left/top margin issue for single layout (at last).
  • Fixed bug in .desktop file - now asks for filenames, not URIs.
  • Fixed default resolution in TIFF loader