CMYKTool 0.1.5


Just in time for the New Year, CMYKTool 0.1.5 is released.  Highlights since the 0.1.4 release include:

  • Better support for greyscale images, and an embedded greyscale profile will no longer cause an error.
  • Optional dithering of images when saving in 8-bit formats.  This can help if you have an image with very smooth gradients that end up visibly contoured once the image is saved.  (But note that it won't help get rid of contouring in the original image!)
  • DeviceLink profiles can now be exported for use in other programs.
  • The Win32 build now bundles a couple of CMYK profiles from the openicc-data package, which can be found here.

DownloadSource code - .tar.gz

DownloadUbuntu PPA - ppa:amr/blackfiveimaging

DownloadWindows Binary - .zip

Please note: the Windows build requires an existing GTK+ installation - the easiest way to get this is to install either Inkscape or GIMP version 2.6 or earlier.

A full list of changes follows:

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks to Banto Palmarino
  • It's no longer possible to select a DeviceLink before it's finished generating. (Previously you could select it, but it wouldn't actually be used!)
  • Now renders icons showing the input and output colorspaces of DeviceLinks
  • Added global activity bar showing when there are jobs queued or pending - cycles through the job names.
  • Windows build now correctly embeds profiles when exporting.  (Embedded profile handling made much neater in general.)
  • SearchPaths for colour profiles are now scanned recursively.
  • Devicelinks now have the chosen description embedded within them.
  • Can now export a generated Devicelink for use in other programs.
  • Can now handle greyscale images that have a grey profile embedded.
  • Can now export 8-bit dithered JPEGs and TIFFs.
  • Now finds and caches colour profiles immediately after startup, to speed up appearance of dialogs the first time they're used.
  • Updated Spanish translation, with thanks to Guillermo Espertino.
  • Added partial Japanese translation, with thanks to Yoshinori Yamakawa.
  • Updated Russian translation, with thansk to Alexandre Prokoudine.