Finally - a Git Repository


Several people have expressed an interest in a possible Git respository of my projects, and I've finally found time to set one up.

The repo can be found at  Please note, however, that because of the way my projects are currently organised, you'll need to check out at least two respositories.  There is a "library" repo that's shared between the various projects, and this library must be in the same top level directory as any project which uses it (the reason is that whole directories from the library are symlinked into the project.)

Here's an example, checking out and building CMYKTool:

mkdir blackfiveimaging
cd blackfiveimaging
git clone git://
git clone git://

Then issue the following commands in both directories, first in library, then in cmyktool:

automake --add-missing
./configure && make

Once you've done that for both projects, you should have a successful build of CMYKTool.

(If you get an error message about gettext version mismatches, the commands "gettextize -f", then "make" should fix it.)