Git Repo Update

UPDATE - 2023-04-30

When Gitorious closed some years ago I moved my projects to github instead.

Since I haven't done any serious work on these projects in a decade they have, unfortunately, succumbed to bitrot - and will need updating to work against current versions of Gutenprint and Gtk. Because I no longer have much time for photography, and don't even have a printer at home any more, I have no particular interest in doing this myself - certainly not as a recreational project. The source remains available, however, should anyone else wish to tackle it.


I've made a few changes to my git repository at  PhotoPrint and CMYKTool have been updated such that they no longer use symlink tricks to draw in code from the library.  Instead they now use git submodules.  The other projects will follow suit eventually.

To checkout CMYKTool after this change, you'd do the following

git clone git://
cd cmyktool
git submodule init
git submodule update