PhotoPrint 0.3.9 Released


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Highlights for this release:

  • Fixed a bug where vertical offsets and cropping were ignored when images are downsampled.
  • Threads code should now work on Win32
  • SearchPath class renamed to avoid Win32 name clash
  • Resolved a couple of other Win32 build issues
  • Hopefully fixed custom page size bug for borderless mode
  • Fixed a resolution bug in the TIFF loader - a decimal point in the wrong place!
  • Hopefully fixed a papersize bug which afflicted papersizes not normally known to Gutenprint, but specified within a PPD file.
  • ProfileManager can now use the LCMS inbuilt sRGB profile.
  • Added physical size and resolution information to the ImageInfo widget.
  • Fixed a bug with high-res previews and rotation.
  • Effects are now copied when duplicating images.