PhotoPrint 0.4.2-pre2 Released


After another lengthy break, another pre-release of PhotoPrint.  Apologies for the delay - I don't have nearly as much time for coding as I would like these days.  Many thanks to everyone who's suggested features - If I had time to implement them all I would do!

DownloadSource code - .tar.gz

DownloadWindows Binary - .zip

Download*EXPERIMENTAL* Windows Installer - .exe (Created using InstallJammer)

Please note: the Windows build is experimential.  It requires an existing GTK+ installation - the easiest way to get that is to install GIMP.  Note also that Photoprint cannot print using native drivers - instead it comes equipped with a Win32 build of Gutenprint.

Changes since 0.4.1:

  • Clear Layout no longer causes a segfault if there is more than one image.
  • Migrated Scaling dialog to SimpleCombo
  • Added hints to Colour Management dialog
  • Added support for CUPS -o option sideband - should make it easier to use HPLIP- and TurboPrint-driven printers.
  • Migrated high-res preview code to the new JobQueue system - should be more stable, better behaved on Win32, and more maintainable.
  • The Windows build contains a binary of Gutenprint 5.2.4 patched  with both the PPDFix and PSSpeedup patches from the GPL Compliance page.
  • Updated nl translation - thanks to Kenny Verstraete
  • Updated cs translation - thanks to Marek Černocký
  • Export dialogs now set the default path to CSIDL_COMMON_PICTURES on Win32.  Thanks to David Stone for pointing out the incorrect path that was previously being used.
  • Poster mode now has gridlines to show the boundaries and overlaps of each page.