PhotoPrint 0.4.0-pre4 Released


Still no new features - but a few more bug fixes and - from the "Just Because I Can" department, a Win32 build!

Thanks to everyone who's reported bugs or submitted fixes, and also to Alexandre Prokoudine for supplying an updated Russian translation

DownloadSource code - tar.gz

DownloadWindows Binary - zip

Warning!  The windows build is highly experimental and almost certainly buggy and crash-prone!  Like the WIn32 build of ImgTarget, it requires an existing GTK+ installation.  By default it searches for and uses the GTK installation from GIMP - so you'll need that installed.  Note also that Photoprint cannot print using native drivers - instead it comes equipped with a Win32 build of Gutenprint.

Changes since 0.3.9:

  • Fixed a bug which caused the Custom Command and File print queues to be repeated when there were no CUPS queues detected.
  • Hopefully fixed yet another crash-upon-start-with-no-preset bug - and the random page-size behaviour if the default queue is a PostScript queue.
  • Added some error messages if the user attempts to choose a proofing mode without the requisite colour profiles set up.
  • Moved non-PhotoPrint-specific Gutenprint infrastructure out to separate gp_cppsupport library.
  • ProfileSelector now catches and ignores corrupt profiles
  • Fixed a possible segfault if source and destination profiles are the same
  • Fixed a segfault if the user attemps to open the Image -> Set Colour Profile... dialog with no images selected.
  • Fixed another possible segfault with default PPD file.
  • More changes to the Mask routines - hopefully finally got the confusion between min-is-white Greyscale and min-is-white RGB images fixed.
  • Updated Russian translation, with thanks to Alexandre Prokoudine.