PhotoPrint 0.4.1-pre2 Released


Hot on the heels of 0.4.1-pre1, here's another pre-release with a few more bug fixes and new features.

The most major change this time is the addition of a high-res colour-managed Print Preview.

DownloadSource code - tar.gz

DownloadWindows Binary - zip

Warning!  The windows build should be considered experimental and while it's getting more stable as time goes on it's probably still buggy and crash-prone!  Like the WIn32 build of ImgTarget, it requires an existing GTK+ installation.  By default it searches for and uses the GTK installation from GIMP - so you'll need that installed.  Note also that Photoprint cannot print using native drivers - instead it comes equipped with a Win32 build of Gutenprint.

Changes since 0.4.0:

  • Added cs localization - thanks to Petr Kletecka.  Thanks also to Marek Černocký and Frantisek Hanzlik who also supplied Czech localizations.  In the interests of fairness I've used the first one I received!
  • Fixed bug whereby the border and background paths are ignored if there's no preset file.
  • Fixed default driver bugs for when there's no preset.  Added po localization - thanks to Artur Szymanski
  • Borders pack is now part of the main PhotoPrint archive
  • Fixed bug with top margin in Single layout mode.  Hopefully this will now *finally* work correctly.
  • Reworked some of the printer subsystem - should fix problems people have been experiencing with the -oraw flag, and should also be generally more robust.  Needs more testing.
  • Fixed bug where dropping a bad file into PhotoPrint caused the current image to become unselectable until either page or layout was changed.
  • Refactored much of the threading code.
  • Added Histogram display
  • Expanders now remember their state between sessions
  • Added nl localization - thanks to Lex Wernars.
  • Reworked the SimpleCombo widget for friendlier option definitions.
  • Fixed a deadlock problem with the histogram
  • Print preview dialog implemented at last.  This is done as a full-screen window with auto-hiding control-panel.  The reason for this is that when evaluating colours, especially in print simulation mode, UI elements can throw off your perception of colour.