A Sample Dataset for GPLin


For anyone who wants to play with GPLin's graphing, inklimiting and subchannel features with having to go to the trouble of printing out and reading in a test chart, here's a sample set of data, read using my Epson R285 in 6-channel raw mode, and DTP41.

Download GPLin 0.0.1-pre1 7DayShop2.zip

Unzip the file, then call gplin like so:

   gplin /path/to/7DayStop2.gplin

or to use the standalone graphing utility:

   gplin_graph /path/to/7DayShop2.gplin

(Note: while the .gplin file, and the .ti1, .ti2 and .ti3 file of the testchart are present in the zip file, the actual generated TIFF chart is omitted due to its size.)