GPLin 0.0.1-pre10 released


Not really a release as such - just opening up the few changes I've made since the last release.  Work on GPLin has more or less stopped now, since other projects have taken precedence in what little coding time I have these days.  However, there have been a number of changes and improvements in the framework that all my graphics projects have in common, and there have been a few minor improvements to GPLin itself, so I'm putting this out in the hope that someone might find it useful.

Download GPLin 0.0.1-pre10 GPlin-0.0.1-pre10.tar.gz

Download GPLin 0.0.1-pre10  (Experimental Windows binaries)

Please note: the Windows build is experimential.  It requires an existing GTK+ installation - the easiest way to get that is to install GIMP.  Note also that GPLin cannot print using native drivers - instead it comes equipped with a Win32 build of Gutenprint.