Pre-release version of GPLin...

Here's a preview of GPLin - or at least as much of it as is currently working.  Please note - you will need ArgyllCMS to use this software.

It's still a long way from doing anything useful, but released here in case anyone's interested in playing with it.

Update - 2008-12-16: -pre2 adds support for Light Black and Light Light Black ink so should now work with the Epson R2400.

Update - 2008-12-25: -pre3 fixes a couple of typos and should now get colorants in the right order for most printers.  Please let me know if you find an exception!

Update - 2008-12-31: -pre4 adds support for CMYK mode, and has a few more fixes.

Download GPLin 0.0.1-pre1 GPlin-0.0.1-pre4.tar.gz

Build with ./configure & make.  Three utilities will be built:


gplin  -  The main project - a user-interface for step-by-step  fine-tuning of the printer.  Currently this only works with Epson printers.  It takes an optional GPLin preset as the first argument, and an optional PhotoPrint preset (from which printer settings will be imported) as the second argument.   Please note, this utility is far from complete - and can currently only generate and print targets - not read them, or do anything useful with the readings.  You can use Argyll's chartread utility to read a printed chart manually if you so wish - a sample file read by chartread is provided below.

printdevicen  -  a standlone utility for printing.  The -p argument is required, and is a GPLin preset, used for printer settings.  The -t argument is optional and takes an Argyll .ti1 file (as found in the _temp subdirectory of a GPLin project) and is used to remap the channels of an image to match the printer.

gplin_graph  -  renders input vs, L*, a and b for each channel, given an Argyll .ti3 file.


Also provided is a sample .ti3 file (gzipped, so gunzip it before use) made with my R285 printer with third-party inks and 7DayShop glossy paper.

This file can be graphed on screen using graph_raw.

 Sample .ti3 file 7DayShop2_RawLin.ti3.gzip